Inadmissibility to Canada

Inadmissibility to Canada means that an individual has been prohibited from entering Canada as a visitor, student or worker or prevents an individual from obtaining permanent residence or maintaining their PR status. If this occurs, you will not be allowed to enter the country and your application for entry will be denied.

Immigration inadmissibility applies to all applicants included in the application to Canada. If a family member is accompanying you to Canada or is included in an application for a visa, the entire application and all family members included will be refused if there are potential criminal or medical inadmissibility issues. While inadmissibility can become an obstacle to immigrating to Canada, there are ways in which a person can overcome it and be allowed to enter the country.

Reasons For Inadmissibility

An individual may be deemed inadmissible to Canada on the following grounds:

  • LCriminal Inadmissibility
  • LMedical Inadmissibility
  • LMisrepresentation
  • LResidency Obligation
  • LOrganized Crime (or ties to it)
  • LSecurity Risk
  • LCommitted Human or International rights violations
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Consult a Professional to Review Your Options For Entering Canada

To discuss your options and determine if you are eligible to overcome your inadmissibility status, contact our team of immigration consultants at Sharkish Immigration Inc. We will walk through your case with you and advise you on the best possible course of action to secure admissibility to Canada in the future.

Book a consultation with us to receive a detailed assessment and review of your case, as well as one-on-one assistance in applying for deemed rehabilitation or to appeal your inadmissibility status.


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