Family Sponsorships to Canada: Helping Families Reunite

The Canadian Government offers Family Sponsorships to Canadians / Permanent Residents through various programs to allow immigrants who have already settled in Canada reunite with their loved ones.

We understand how important it is to live with and be with your loved ones, and how emotionally devastating it is to be away from them. When you come to Canada to work hard for the life you want, you will naturally want to share that life with your family.

At Sharkish Immigration Inc., our registered, experienced immigration consultants will work with you to ensure your application is properly processed and free from errors in order to ensure that your family gets here safe and sound without issue.

How Sponsorship to Canada Works

If you have already immigrated to Canada and achieved permanent resident status, you may apply to sponsor an immediate family member to come to Canada and join you.
By applying to sponsor a family member to come to Canada, the sponsor is required to prove that they are capable of supporting their family when they arrive in the country and for the duration specified by the programs they are applying under.

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Family Members That are Included in the Family Sponsorship Program

The following programs are available for Canadian residents to sponsor their family members to come to Canada provided they meet the eligibility requirements:

  • LSpouse or Common Law Partner
  • LParent and Grandparent: Family Class
  • LParent and Grandparent: Super Visa
  • LDependent Child Sponsorship
  • LDependent Brother / Sister (if eligible)

Let a Professional Immigration Consultant Help You Reunite Your Family in Canada

At Sharkish, we love nothing more than seeing families come together and reunite for their dream life in Canada. It’s our passion to help people connect with their loved ones here in Canada, and to do this, we offer helpful support throughout every step of your application process.

When your loved ones are involved, it’s important to make sure that every part of your application is properly filled out so you don’t risk any errors that could delay their immigration and prolong the time it takes to reunite with them.

Get in touch with us, try our free assessment tool, or book a consultation with our team for dedicated, one-on-one, personalized assistance to help you successfully sponsor your family to come to Canada.


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