Foreign Worker Recruitment Services For Employers In Canada

Canadian employers can enjoy substantial benefits from hiring foreign workers who have the skills, education, and unique experience to contribute to the Canadian workforce and help businesses reach their full potential.

At Sharkish Immigration Inc., we work with Canadian employers to help businesses find reliable, dependable, and qualified candidates from overseas. We have assisted employers find quality foreign workers in a variety of occupational industries, including retail, education, IT, management, hospitality, manufacturing, and much more.

Hire a foreign worker in Canada

Why Hire a Foreign Worker?

There are many benefits for Canadian employers in hiring foreign workers. These include:
  • LIncreased job engagement for your company
  • LMore stability in your organization and the job position itself
  • LForeign workers are already skilled and require minimal training
  • LIncreased diversity within your company and your team
  • LForeign workers have a unique perspective and different knowledge they can bring to the table within your team to create a more well-rounded dynamic
  • LHiring foreign workers is less expensive than hiring locally (however, the employer does need to provide the median wage as per the job designation and the Noc code).
  • LYou will not need to cover expenses for air travel and accommodations

Recruit Top-Tier Workers From Around the World

Our foreign worker recruitment services assist you in the process of hiring skilled workers from abroad to come to Canada and join your company’s workforce. We offer flexible services tailored to your needs, and support at every step of the process.

Sharkish Immigration Inc. will take care of the hiring process for you. This includes selecting the right candidates and processing the correct documents for applications, such as a Labour Market Impact Assessment and processing work permits or permanent residency visas. Our services connect you with the best possible candidates from around the world who are ready to work, and we give you the resources and support to get them here safely and successfully.

The Advantages of Using Our Foreign Worker Recruitment Services

Working with Sharkish Immigration Inc. for your foreign worker recruitment services comes with many benefits and advantages.

Here’s why you should work with Sharkish to bring skilled foreign workers to your company:

  • LWe offer a unique perspective in that we understand both the employer’s side and the foreign worker’s side, offering quality solutions for both parties.
  • LOur services help bridge the gap between the needs of Canadian employers and the perfect candidate who fits the right profile for the role.
  • LWe help fill labour shortages in your company and in the local economy with customized HR solutions.
  • LOur team stays on top of all of the latest news, updates, and changes to Canada’s immigration regulation as well as ServiceCanada, keeping you up to date so you don’t have to do the research yourself.
  • LRequests from employers are given top consideration, and we seriously prioritize filling their needs when sourcing from top-tier workers around the globe.
  • LOur support team and customer service is unmatched, with well-instructed, knowledgeable, experienced, and certified professionals on hand every step of the way.

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