Express Entry to Canada: Sharkish Immigration Consultant is Here to Help

At Sharkish Immigration Inc., we help skilled workers with their applications for Express Entry to Canada, ensuring they are meeting all requirements and have avoided any errors throughout the process. From tools and resources to help you improve your CRS score to guiding you through the application process, our immigration consultants are dedicated to helping you get one step closer to your dream life in Canada.

What is Express Entry to Canada?

Express Entry to Canada is an immigration program offered by the Government of Canada to help skilled workers immigrate to Canada in a quicker timeline than the regular application process. It’s designed to provide an opportunity to skilled workers to contribute to the Canadian labour force and fill gaps within the economy.

Under the Express Entry System, potential candidates are ranked using a points-based system based on their eligibility to meet certain criteria. This is called a Comprehensive Ranking System score (CRS score). Applicants who meet the highest rankings will be added to a pool of immigration-ready skilled workers.

On a rotating schedule, the Government of Canada will draw applicants from the pool and issue the top scorers an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Once the applicant accepts the invitation and completes the process, they will be awarded permanent residency in Canada for themselves and their immediate family members.

When Seeking Express Entry to Canada, Mistakes Can be Costly

Express Entry to Canada comes with application fees, which you will be required to pay each time you apply. If you don’t pass the first attempt, you will be required to complete the process again, even if you only made one small mistake.

Our immigration consultants will help you with different techniques to improve your CRS score, obtaining all of the necessary documents and fixing weaknesses in your application so that you can achieve permanent residency on the first attempt. This way, you can avoid the expensive option of having to try again.

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Eligibility and Requirements For Express Entry to Canada

Express Entry to Canada includes three federal programs designed to attract people with unique skills, experience or value. By creating these programs, the Canadian government hopes to bring in skilled immigrants who can contribute to Canada’s economy.

The three programs for Express Entry to Canada are:
  • NThe Federal Skilled Working Class (FSW)
  • NThe Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST)
  • NThe Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Before applying for Express Entry, you will need to qualify by obtaining 67 or more points on a 100-point scale system. If you score lower than 67 points you will not qualify for the program.

Your CRS scores depend on different factors such as your age, education, experience and language ability in English or French. If you are married, your spouse’s education, experience and language ability in English or French will also be counted towards your scores to immigrate to Canada.

More points are awarded if you have completed a college or university program in Canada, or if you have a provincial nomination. Other factors, such as a formal Canadian job offer, will also add more points to your score, but these are not mandatory to apply.


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