5 Easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada

Aug 7, 2023

5 Easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada

Canada is one of the most famous tourist attractions places in the world where people aspire to live. And for the same, various programs such as the Quebec-selected skilled worker program, federal programs, and provincial nominee programs (PNPs) allow people to apply for PR in Canada and is the best province to get PR in Canada. While the procedure and qualifications for acquiring PR may be complicated and vary by program and province, certain Canadian provinces may offer more accessible routes to PR.

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia are some easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada because of their economic prospects and more significant populations.


What are PNP programs in Canada?

PNPs are immigration programs given by Canadian provinces and territories to recruit and nominate talented employees, entrepreneurs, and overseas graduates who can contribute to the local economy and society. Each province or territory may choose and nominate persons who fit their unique requirements for PR in Canada via PNPs.

People nominated by a province or territory via a PNP may apply for PR through Express Entry or a distinct PNP stream. Each province or territory has its own qualifying requirements, application procedure, and PNP streams, including skilled workers, business or entrepreneurs, foreign graduates, or other specialized streams.

Top 5 Easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada

Saskatchewan:  Saskatchewan’s SINP is one of Canada’s easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada. The SINP has streams for skilled employees, entrepreneurs, and overseas graduates. These streams nominate individuals with in-demand expertise or provincial ties, increasing their PR prospects. The SINP also accepts Express Entry candidates for provincial nomination. Saskatchewan attracts immigrants due to this deliberate convergence between federal and provincial immigration procedures.


Alberta: Alberta’s robust economy provides an excellent opportunity for permanent residents and is the best province to live in Canada. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is the province’s main PR route for skilled employees, overseas graduates, and entrepreneurs. The province addresses labour market demands by nominating skilled people. For those desiring a speedier PR, Alberta’s Express Entry Stream allows candidates from the federal Express Entry pool to be nominated. Hence, it is the best province to get PR in Canada.


Ontario: Ontario, Canada’s largest populated commercial center, provides newcomers with several chances and is one of the easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada. The popular Human Capital Category of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) targets skilled migrants with Ontario labour market experience. The OINP Entrepreneur Stream helps people start or purchase businesses in the province. Ontario’s settlement assistance and work prospects attract newcomers.


British Columbia Provincial: British Columbia is known for its beautiful scenery, bustling towns, and the best province to live in. The Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) target skilled migrants in high-demand professions. It is the best province to get PR in Canada, as BC entrepreneurs may use the Entrepreneur Immigration Stream. BC’s warm attitude toward immigrants and excellent settlement assistance services make it an appealing alternative for Canadian PR applicants.


Nova Scotia: Located on Canada’s east coast, it has beautiful scenery and kind people. Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) streams like Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry and Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry recruit qualified workers, entrepreneurs, and foreign graduates. The province’s specialized settlement assistance programs help keep immigrants, making it a PR destination.

Top 4 Canadian Permanent Residency Programs

The Federal Skilled Worker Program recruits immigrants with skills and experience to boost the Canadian economy. Language competence and one year of specialized professional experience are required.   The Federal Skilled Trades Program is designed for skilled immigrants in Canada. Applicants must have two years of specialized trade experience.   The Provincial Nominee Program lets provinces and territories identify and suggest immigrants who meet their economic and other needs. Applicants need a Canadian job offer to apply for this program.   The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is designed for immigrants who can work in Quebec. Candidates must have a job offer from a Quebec employer and meet language competence requirements.


Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs offer qualified workers, entrepreneurs, and overseas graduates a potential road to permanent residence. Due to their vital economies, broad employment markets, and immigrant-friendly laws, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia are the easiest provinces to get PR in Canada 2023. These provinces entice immigrants with their friendly communities and settlement assistance services.

However, due to the complexity of the process, choosing the right PNP can be challenging. At sharkish immigration, we are here to help you on this journey to success! At Sharkish, our immigration professionals offer assistance through Provincial Nominee Programs, improving your chances of success according to your qualifications.

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